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ILM strobe ILM strobe

Rated 4 / 5 stars


As a fan of deadmau5 myself I loved this remake.
Yet there were admittedly problems with it.
Here are some tips for when you complete it.

-Give it more time
Half the enjoyment of Strobe is building up the song from the ground up.
Don't go headfirst into the middle of it or you miss the point entirely.

-Less Cymbals
It's okay to not be exactly like the original but cymbals in a song like this just sound annoying. I mean really, it disrupts the whole flow of the song.

Try to keep an even balance between melody and rhythm. If you just put everything together at once, it will get tiring. At that point either end the song or make a bridge where the melody fades out, and comes back later. Like a breakdown of some sort.

I'm no professional but I think this song is great and if you get rid of the cymbals and well, make it longer, then the full version will be much better.

Btw I liked how the chords faded from ear to ear in the beginning - that was cool :)

Feddey responds:

Thanx flaming!
Great review! This is what a reiview should look like! =)

I know about the problems, but this was just a simple set up! So i'm gonna spend more time on it, and fix it as good as possible, when i got time..

Again, thanx for the tips, i will take it to me and use it ;)

-:HaloTopic:- Straight to Mid -:HaloTopic:- Straight to Mid

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I don't know how else to day it, that stuff was cool. They way it opened up with a techno sound and then turned into a rock song was well done.

My only advice would be not to play the same guitar chords while you are playing a solo, that and it should be longer - and not as much noise/gain (from the drums) Hope that helps.